Size : 8ft

Wood / Material : Solid Maple / Veneer
Table Style : American Pool
Finishing : 40% Matte Black
Rail Sites : Diamond Pearl / MOP
Slate : 3pcs Diamond Honed
Pockets : Leather Drop Pocket

Playing Area :
88" x 44" / 223.5 x 111.8cm

Ideal Room Size :
17' x 13' / 518 x 412cm

Options : Multiple Cloth Colours

  • Details

    This is one of our new "fusion" pool tables which melds modern styling and classical designs into one seamless work of art. The classical Louis XIV influences can be clearly seen on the flowing arches which forms between the solid wood cabinet and scultured legs. There is also a touch of Stradivarius in the design elements too, making this a true one-off masterpiece.