Torpedo -

The torpedo table offers excellent finishing quality and playing characteristic, blending the best of industry standards with unique craftsmanship.
• 150 kgs overall weight
• Leg Leveler – Wider contact area with anti-slip foam to improve table friction against the floor to provide excellent stability during game play.
• Leg – 4 x 4 inch mounted steel with black powder coating and zink coated double-bolted legs for solid and long-lasting stability. Aluminium Corner – special moulding for the table corner to provide rounded edge for safety.
• Ball Return Ramp – 1 mm steel plate with black powder coating to provide reliability against water and case of handling.
• Ball Trap Assembly – Special designed tray to carry foosball accessories i.e balls, silicon oil, man etc.
• *Coin Box – 1 mm steel plate with black powder coating come with a withdrawing handle plus a special design window for money collection (*on coin/token operated tables only).
• Hinge Assembly – Double 90 degree zinc coated hinge to provide solid and strong structure between top and bottom cabinet.
• Play field – High pressure laminated surface provides durable and flat surface.
• Handle – Wooden material to provide better grip friction during game play.
• Rod – Nikel plated hollow steel rod to provide durable and light features during game play.
• Bumper – High precision moulded rubber with reinforce washer.
• Man – the player mould is specially engineered with balanced weight from head to foot to enhance the game play.

Length : 5 feet
Width : 2 1/2 feet
Height : 3 feet
Playing Area : 5 feet x 8 feet

Available with and without token/coin operation.