Coin Operated

Non-Coin Operated

Certified by the International Table Soccer Federation

Fireball -

The Fireball foosball table is a new development with the support of the professional players Oktay Mann und Thierry Müller. The table with its weight of 140 kg is designed for professional use.

The Fireball allows all known styles of playing. The players which are designed exclusively for this table and are mounted to the rods with roll pins. The Fireball is available for professional use with coin mechanism and for home use without coin mechanism.

140 kgs overall weight
chrome plated steel rods
semi soft rubber bumpers
Maintenance-free bearings
designed for commercial use
legs with levelling feet
20mm playing field, laminate coated on both sides
goals with a size of 20.5cm x 8cm
Octagonal Tornado-style handles
anti-theft protection with two locks
separable upper- and lower cabinet
aluminium edge protection
10 balls included

Length : 5 feet
Width : 2 1/2 feet
Height : 3 feet
Playing Area : 5 feet x 8 feet