Learn how to play pool - the right way.


If you've always wanted to learn to play pool and your smart-alec friends keep on telling you how, beware. You might just be on your way to picking up some of the worst habits you can pick up from an unstructured course by an unofficial - perhaps even unqualified - 'pool instructor'.

Why take the risks?

Introducing Pro Billiard Supplies's BCA Coaching Programme!


The Pro Billiard Supplies BCA (Billiard Congress of America) Pool School is a crash course in introducing the fundamentals of playing pool/billiards to anyone interested in learning the game or fine tuning his techniques. Its objective is to teach sound stroke mechanics to the student so that he will have the correct techniques in executing different kinds of shots found in a typical game of pool. The BCA Pool School program run by Pro Billiard Supplies is fully sanctioned by the BCA, the governing body of pool and billiards in the USA.

As a standard extension of the BCA syllabus we perform a Playing Ability Test (PAT) to determine the current level of skill and playing ability of our students. The PAT system is a globally standardized evaluation which is sanctioned by the World Pool Association (WPA). The evaluation identifies aspects of your current abilities which require attention and develop training techniques. Our evaluation provides you with an accurate “score” from which future progress can be measured.

For more information, please visit BCA's website or call 03-92218848 to ask for more details.


    Playing Ability Test (PAT START or PAT1) 3 hours
    Total about 9 hours of theoretical & practical instruction held in our showroom in KL
    Spread over 3 sessions of 2 hours ++ each
    Flexible timing upon prior arrangement


    No discrimination - guys and gals are welcomed!
    Comprehensive course notes will be provided
    Course conducted by Mr. Garry Shields (Malaysia’s only BCA instructor) in English
    Certificate of participation will be awarded at completion
    Course includes VIDEO ANALYSIS of stroke
    Course will be conducted in 2 formats: theoretical discussion & practical demonstration/participation on the table.  
    At the end of course, student will be required to fill in a feedback form.



    Introduction to pool
    Stroke mechanics
    Speed control
    Cue ball quantification
    Tangent lines

    Personal Eye Pattern (P.E.P.)
    The Most Important Shot
    Pick/roll draw
    Q&A session


     RM70 per hour for coaching

     RM550 for complete BCA course (9 hours) full payment in advance

  RM80 for unofficial PAT examination
     RM160 for official PAT examination (including registration, certificate and WPA ​ranking badge)​


    Discounts on showroom products like pool tables, cues and accessories.
    Special rates for 2 or more students enrolling together.